So you’ve got a great idea for a book that will provide vital tools for living, advance an important cause or promote growth and healing. You envision opportunities for teaching or speaking via the platform your book will build. You’ve spent long hours thinking about what you have to present that’s fresh or different. You’re excited about the contribution you can make.

You just need help on the writing part. You understand that to create a well-organized, professionally written book, you need to work with an experienced and successful book ghostwriter. If you’ve taken a stab at a first draft but hit a roadblock, you know it’s time for someone to help you get to the finish line.

I welcome the opportunity to co-create your book with you!

purpose-driven books

Whether your book falls under the category of self-help, health and healing, religion & spirituality, marriage and family, business and leadership, sports or political and social issues, it probably fits the definition of what I call a purpose-driven book. You’ve got a mission to help create positive change, and you’re committed to making it happen.

Writing purpose-driven books is where I got started. Many years ago, I had an idea. As a former Boston sports fan and sportswriter who had gone on to learn about addictions, I wrote the pioneering book Not Now, Honey, I’m Watching the Game: What To Do When Sports Come Between You & Your Mate. It stirred a national dialogue through media exposure on 20/20, CBS, NPR, Sports Illustrated, Redbook, and the Washington Post.

Then, in 2009, I watched the awe-inspiring story of the Miracle on the Hudson and had another idea: How did those passengers all survive in the frigid river after Sully Sullenberger’s heroic landing, and how were their lives transformed by this dramatic near-death experience? I became co-author of Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors Share Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life

Now I focus my time and energy on my work as a ghostwriter of other people’s purpose-driven books. I can help you zero in on your message and tap your voice to make your ideas come alive. I can escort you all the way from clarifying your vision to mapping out your book, executing the writing, and launching your book.

As your ghostwriter, I offer more than good writing skills. I also bring to the table my own diverse background and experiences. I’ve learned from prominent teachers and leaders at dynamic educational centers such as the Omega Institute, and assisted clients as a counselor addressing life trauma and change. I may not be an expert on what you’re writing about – you’re the expert. But my background can enhance my understanding and appreciation for your contribution to making our world a better place.

As a ghostwriter, editor, or book development coach, I’ve assisted clients on dozens of exciting projects:

• A physician who transformed her own life after drug addiction took her to the brink of suicide teaches others how to navigate the two phases of addiction recovery.

• A financial adviser reveals the six reasons why we keep making financial decisions that sabotage our success.

• A marriage counselor guides couples on how tap the power of empathy.

• A retired college president embraces a new mission: launching a pioneering Saturday School program to boost the academic achievement and morale of struggling students.

• A noted psychologist and speaker guides readers through a compelling new therapeutic model designed to harmonize our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

• A therapist explores how men hungry for meaning and purpose can find happiness in midlife.

• A spiritual healer shows how messages from our soul and spirit can effectively complement medical treatment for any illness or condition.

• A healing professional presents new options for women who have survived trauma.

Do you have something new or different that you’re excited about writing?

I’d like to hear about it.