What will it cost if you hire me as your book ghostwriter?

As Your Book Ghostwriter, I strive to keep my professional fees affordable to serve as many people as possible. As a result, my fees are substantially lower than what you will find with most large ghostwriting agencies. I will propose a project fee for you after we discuss some important factors: length of book, research required, how many sources will be interviewed, estimated timelines, etc. Package fees are available that include book cover design, interior graphic design and preparing the book for self-publishing.

Military veterans receive a 20% discount on all my book ghostwriting, book development coaching, and book editing services. Contact me for details!

I’m also dedicated to clear, open communication in all our agreements and expectations. We will discuss your particular needs in our free initial consultation.  

How long will it take to complete your book?

The time needed to go from planning your book to having a completed, edited book ready for publication depends on such factors as: the number of interviews and other research needed, your availability, your needs for turnaround time, etc. A typical timeline for interviewing, writing, and revising a book is six to nine months. Your book may take about that amount of time, or the turnaround could be shorter or longer. Let’s discuss your needs.

Am I able to travel to meet you?

In my work as book ghostwriter, I travel all across the U.S. and beyond to work with my clients. I’ve assisted authors from Washington DC to Washington State, and from Boise, Idaho to San Antonio, Texas. Regionally, I’ve worked extensively with men and women looking for a book ghostwriter in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Wherever you need me to go to do the best work on your book, I’ll be there. You simply cover my basic travel costs, in addition to the project fee.

Who will be the “real” author of your book?

As Your Book Ghostwriter, my name will not appear on your book cover. You are the only author noted on the book cover and on all references to the book among booksellers.

What about Copyright and royalties or sales from your book?

It’s all yours! Copyright will be secured and maintained in your name, and you retain any and all proceeds from book sales or royalties. My compensation is only for the actual work I do as covered by our agreement.

Will I ensure confidentiality of your story or any relevant information?

Absolutely! We can put that in writing if needed.

If you choose Your Book Ghostwriter, will you be working with me or some other ghostwriter in some kind of agency or group?

I do not work within a group or agency. I only accept projects that I will be personally handling myself.

Where can I find additional useful information about ghostwriting services, and about writing and publishing books?

Here is a link to a website article I wrote to describe how I ghostwrite memoirs: (http://www.memoirsbyme.com/ghostwriting.html)

This is a blog about my memoir ghostwriting that appeared on the Association of Ghostwriters website: http://associationofghostwriters.org/ghostwriting-memoirs-opens-doors-to-wondrous-new-worlds/

For information about ghostwriting rates: http://deardrfreelance.com/2010/10/freelance-ghostwriting-rates/

To learn more about the rapid growth of self-publishing:


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Let’s Discuss Your Project Today!

When you contact me for a free consultation, we will go over all the specific arrangements that would apply to your project. As Your Book Ghostwriter, I hope you will find that I offer a rare combination of professional skills and experience, diverse life experiences, and the personal approach to build a trusting and creative relationship. Let’s see what we can co-create together for your book!

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