Not everyone who wants to write a book needs a ghostwriter or collaborator to make it happen. If you intend to write your book yourself, I can assist you with many other services at Your Book Ghostwriter.

Book Development Coach

If you have a plan for writing your book but find yourself unsure of how to develop it, I can get you started and keep you moving. As your Book Development Coach, I will be dedicated to empowering you with the tools, guidance, support and encouragement you need. Book coaching often includes a strategy session for how to take your plan and execute your vision. I can also provide professional feedback on your writing, guidance on structure and organization, ideas for enhancing your author’s voice, and the unwavering support of someone who is right there with you. A dedicated and seasoned Book Development Coach can make all the difference in turning your compelling idea into a dynamic book.

Book Evaluations

Whether you plan to publish independently or seek a traditional/commercial publisher, you want to feel confident that your writing is clear and solid so that you have the best possible chance of reaching your target audience. I can evaluate your completed book draft to identify your strengths and offer concrete ways to make needed improvements. If you are pursuing a traditional publisher, I can offer a market assessment and suggest adjustments to boost your chances of landing a publishing deal.

Book Editing

Once you believe your book is complete, you’ll want to ensure that it reads well and is free of basic errors. I can offer basic proofreading, detailed line editing or large-scale content or developmental editing.  A well-edited draft can separate an amateur from a professional. Whether you’re writing a memoir or autobiography, or a purpose-driven book, I can help your writing shine.

Book Proposals and Queries

Literary agents and book publishers reject about 98% of all books and book ideas submitted to them. Often, they hardly read beyond the first page. How can you make sure your book gets the full attention it deserves after all your hard work? A compelling and professional query and a polished Book Proposal can greatly enhance your chances. Even for experienced writers, these tools can be intimidating when you’re not familiar with what is expected. I can write these important pieces for you, or edit and advise your own Book Proposal and query. Then I can assist you in devising a target search for a literary agent or publisher.

Self-Publishing Coach

Want to know the hottest trend in book publishing? It’s the growing number of authors who choose to publish their books themselves. Today there are more than three times as many books independently published as those published by the likes of Doubleday and Simon & Schuster. With traditional publishing in the tighter grip of a few major corporations that take fewer risks with newcomers, the pendulum will continue to swing.

There are many advantages to independent publishing: complete control over content, better deals on book sales and royalties, a faster turnaround from writing to publishing, etc. Authors also have more options for publishing at more affordable costs than 20 years ago. However, you need to understand the terrain to find the best home for your book and steer clear of unnecessary costs. As your self-publishing coach, I will help you sort through the print-on-demand firms, independent printers and other self-publishing entities and advise you on how to deal with them. I’ve had two books of my own commercially published and three books self-published, and I’ve assisted dozens of clients in both domains. I can help you make the decisions that are right for YOUR book.

Book Marketing Coach

When you get your book published (congratulations!), you will find that whether you published independently or caught on in traditional publishing, the primary force in marketing your book is…you! I can help you find your audience by advising on marketing tools and helping you pinpoint where to find your readers. My first book, Not, Now, Honey, I’m Watching the Game, attracted major national media, primarily through my efforts. I can offer guidance and practical ideas for boosting your book’s visibility and sales.

Book Ghostwriter Coaching

You may be visiting my website because you are interested in becoming a book ghostwriter yourself, or you are just starting out in helping people write books about their life story or other nonfiction genres. I now offer coaching for book ghostwriters, sharing what I have learned from doing this professionally for more than 20 years, to help guide and mentor you in launching or growing your own ghostwriting business. I can help address important questions that may include: How do you get started as a book ghostwriter? What are authors looking for when they search for a book ghostwriter? What are the most common fees for book ghostwriting services? Contact me for details about this new service!

Is there some way that I can help you with your book right now? Contact me for a free consultation.