Do You Need a Book Ghostwriter?

Kevin Quirk, Your Book GhostwriterDo you have the desire to capture your life story in a memoir or autobiography to encourage and inspire others, or to preserve your memories for loved ones?


Do you have a great idea for a nonfiction book that you passionately believe can make a real difference in our lives or in our world, while advancing your personal or professional goals?


Do you lack the time, the writing experience, or the needed perspective to plan, develop, and execute the writing of a quality book yourself?

I can help. I’m Kevin Quirk, founder of Your Book Ghostwriter. As a successful author and book ghostwriter, I’ve been assisting clients in bringing books into the world for more than 20 years. I’m passionate about what I do! People of all backgrounds, from ages 19 to 94, have entrusted me with writing about the most meaningful stories of their lives in memoirs and autobiographies. I’ve also been privileged to play an important role as the writer of books in diverse subjects that are helping people improve the quality of their lives. I have the professional skills, the hands-on experience and the diverse life perspective to quickly grasp the essence of what your book can be, and to tap the heart and soul of your unique voice and message.

Let’s talk and explore if I might be a fit to become Your Book Ghostwriter.

How Ghostwriting Works

If you hire me as your book ghostwriter, the process will unfold like this: You tell me about your idea for a book. Just as important, you share your goals for writing and publishing your book: Why do you want to write your book now? Who are you writing it for, and what will they gain from it? How might writing your book enhance your own personal and professional objectives? I will listen closely so I can support and encourage you in reaching your goals at every step.

From there, I map out a plan with you for how to develop your book.  Then we begin a series of interviews, either in person, by phone, or other communication. Most clients find this engaging and fun. You also provide me with any of your relevant writings or research, including articles, blogs, notes, videos, journals and diaries, and any book draft you may have begun.

Next, I begin writing your book, following the vision and direction we laid out. I show you an early sample to ensure we’re in sync. Then I complete writing the first draft and go over it with you to make all necessary corrections, changes and additions. Finally, I deliver to you an edited and proofed final draft, ready for independent or self-publishing, or for submitting to literary agents and publishers in traditional publishing.

As Your Book Ghostwriter, my roles include being your hands-on writer, your guide and your enthusiastic supporter. Your job is simply to be ready and willing to share your story. Unlike large ghostwriting agencies that may juggle dozens or even hundreds of clients at any time, I offer a very personal approach. I know that getting a book published is not just about words and ideas. It’s also about hopes and dreams. If you entrust me with your book project as your ghostwriter, I will invest in your dreams with you.

What Will Your Book Be About?

I am the ghostwriter of more than 25 books, working with clients on a variety of topics:

  • Memoirs & Autobiographies
  • Dramatic/Inspirational Stories
  • Military Career Histories
  • Sports Autobiographies
  • Business/Organizational Histories
  • Life Stories of Overcoming Hardships
  • Self-Help/Personal Improvement
  • Health and Fitness
  • Popular Culture/Political Issues
  • Religious/Spiritual Lessons
  • Mind/Body/Spirit Healing
  • World War II Memories


What kind of book do you have in mind?